alexandria placenta encapsulation
I contacted several encapsulation specialists online, some recommended to me and others found on doula websites. Denessa was the most thorough in answering my questions and addressing my concerns, and she had the most flexibility in performing the service at my home. My mother attended the encapsulation and said Denessa was professional and clean.Anonymous
During my pregnancy, I was very moody while normally, I’m a joyful person. It was hard to admit and to live with. I decided to take capsules of my placenta to avoid being “unlivable” for the whole family’s sake! When you realize that you’re the only mammal not to eat its placenta, then you want to try it. It cannot hurt!

Denessa is extremely efficient: very professional and super fast. Also available on the phone, she also has a lot of experience and can give you good tips.Laetitia Aymonin
I’m so glad I encapsulated my placenta. Not only did it help with my recovery after the birth of my daughter by giving me more energy but Denessa made it so easy and stress-free. She answered all my questions and was so positive and encouraging. It was a wonderful experience and I recommend Denessa to all my pregnant friends!Amy W.
It takes great care and attention to process such a delicate process and Denessa was able to provide me my placenta safely. Having Denessa be certified in OSHA standards is worth the price alone – you want someone to take it seriously and know care needed.

Denessa was very attentive to my questions and concerns when I first contacted her with just wanting to obtain more information. she was responsive and the turn around time was quick. Once I received my pills, which Denessa delivered to my house (huge help and advantage when you just gave birth!) she was able to explain how to proceed in taking them and answered my questions thoroughly.Shelby
Your process was perfected, communication amazing, and your knowledge very much evident. I wish every ‘service provider’ I worked with was exactly like you! You have a very effective process and nothing is left unknown with you. You stood out because you were personable, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and I could sense your passion for what you do. This isn’t just some “job” to you.

I completely underestimated the baby blues but once I got them, I knew it was a serious thing. The pills definitely helped and I was so grateful.They really did help me feel better. Any time I would get a wave of sadness or felt desperate because I knew I had to eventually go back to work (and had to leave my sweet baby) the pills helped.-Maria Lechner

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