I am certified with two separate placenta encapsulation organizations: International Placenta & Postpartum Association and Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. I have also completed training in OSHA blood borne pathogens & infection control, and food handling & safety. All of my certifications are up to date. I have been encapsulating placenta for almost 3 years and have processed over 110 placentas.
Please text (703-505-0162) or email me as soon as you can after the birth of the baby. I will do my best to get there within a few hours. If not, I will have a medical courier come pick it up. Meanwhile, the placenta should be kept in a cooler filled with ice and in your room at all times (or in the refrigerator for a home birth). If the placenta is taken away, the risk for cross contamination increases.
The last thing I want is for you to feel stressed about how the logistics regarding your placenta – that’s my job. Some of the local hospitals can make the placenta release a bit frustrating, requiring that it be removed from the premises within 2 hours. Given the nature of our area, sometimes 2 hours isn’t feasible. Therefore, I have contracted with a licensed medical courier to ensure a stress-free experience for you. There may be times that I can pick up the placenta myself, but it’s always great to have a plan B!
Placenta pickups are between 8am and 10pm. If you give birth after 10pm, the placenta will be picked up the following morning. If you need to reach me during the hours of 12am to 8 am, I ask that you send me a text or email.
It is typically a two day process and the pick-up/drop-off is done at your convenience.
That is completely your choice!! A professional placenta encapsulation specialist will follow the exact same protocols no matter the location. The workspace and equipment will be cleaned & sanitized the exact same way, and the placenta will be processed the same. Click here if you would like to read more about the pros/cons of the preparation locations.
I only ever process one placenta at a time. The first placenta will be fully processed, encapsulated, the workspace /equipment thoroughly cleaned & sanitized, and the capsules delivered before the second placenta is even touched.

I take your health seriously and would never do anything to compromise it. This is my career and I have put in a lot of time and money into my training. If there are any concerns, please read through my testimonials. I can also provide contact information for a previous client.
No problem! I have a military ID so getting onto base is not an issue! Don’t forget to ask me about my military discount!
In the case of an emergency, I may utilize my backup to ensure you are still taken care of. My backups are my business partners. I am familiar with their sanitation protocols and customer service. I choose to work with them because I completely trust them. To learn more about them, visit their webpages.

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Natalie Erdossy of NOVA Placenta Mama
Yes. Delayed cord clamping ensures that your little one receives all the blood he or she needs, which can be up to 30% of their total blood volume. It will not affect the encapsulation process, and you can still select any of my placenta services.
Yes. Cord blood banking is a process in which the cord blood stem cells are collected from your baby’s umbilical cord and then stored. It will not affect the encapsulation process.
The encapsulation process should begin within 72 hours of the birth. If it is not possible to start the process within the first few days following birth, the placenta needs to be frozen.
Placentas that have been properly frozen can be encapsulated up to 6 months after the birth. If you do decide to freeze your placenta, please make sure to double-bag the placenta in gallon sized zip lock freezer backs and place it in the back of the freezer as soon as possible. The placenta must be completely thawed before encapsulation, which will take at least 24-48 hours in the refrigerator. Placentas should not be frozen, thawed, and then refrozen.
It all depends on the size and density of your placenta and the method of preparation chosen. The average is 150 capsules with the fresh method and 115 with the steamed method.
I thoroughly disinfect the area where I work before, during, and after the process.  All of my equipment is used solely for encapsulation and is disinfected according to OSHA and EPA standards.  You can learn more about my sanitation techniques here.
I am the only provider in the entire DC area who has built a completely separate and dedicated placenta workspace. Your placenta will be processed in my workspace. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to offer encapsulation in my client’s home. If you prefer to have the process done in your home, I can refer other specialists to you.
When there is confirmed Chorioamnionitis, which is an infection of the amniotic sac and fluid. There are usually signs of infection during labor such as maternal fever and increased maternal and fetal heart rates. When this happens, the placenta is not released from the hospital.

If the placenta is taken back to pathology, it cannot be encapsulated due to cross contamination. This is for the mother’s safety. If your doctor would like to examine it, ask if a piece can be taken to pathology.

*The Inova hospitals require that the placenta be stored in pathology until it is removed from the premises. The placenta will be stored in a separate location in L&D. Please make sure they are fully aware you intend to take it home with you so that the proper precautions will be taken. I have never had an issue with Inova’s protocols, but I always do a thorough examination before processing to ensure your health and safety.*

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