I am the only placenta specialist in the DC area with a completely separate dedicated workspace.

I take your health so seriously that I have built a dedicated workspace that is completely separate from the rest of my house.

Not just one, but TWO encapsulation training organizations:

I certified with International Placenta & Postpartum Association but didn’t stop there. I am currently enrolled in Association of Placenta Preparation Arts and will receive a second certification.

I follow strict cleanliness and sanitation protocols:

I have over 40 hours of formal training in technique and safety. I am fully trained in food safety and have completed a blood borne pathogens training specifically designed for placenta encapsulators. All the protocols I follow are OSHA compliant. Please let me know if you would like to see my standard operating procedures in writing.

I use proper refrigeration and storage procedures:

One of the biggest risks with placenta encapsulation is improper handling. In order to rule out the risk of bacterial growth, I follow strict refrigeration, storage, and transportation protocols. I am experienced and confident in storing and transporting your placenta. I will provide you with printable instructions on how to care for the placenta until I am able to retrieve it.

My equipment and workspace is thoroughly disinfected:

The entire preparation surface is cleaned before and after with hot soapy water, then disinfected with a 20% bleach solution to prevent cross contamination. I follow up with a clean water rinse to remove any bleach residue. After every use, all my equipment is washed with hot soapy water, then soaked in a 1/10 bleach solution for 20 minutes. I follow up with a clean water rinse to remove any bleach residue.

If your placenta is taken to pathology:

If your placenta is taken to pathology, there is an increased risk of cross contamination. The chemicals they use to preserve the placenta render it dangerous for consumption; therefore, if your placenta is taken to pathology, I will be unable to process it for you. If your OB says it has to be taken to pathology, for whatever reason, request that only a portion be sent.

***Inova Patients: Inova hospitals require that they store the placenta for you. This will be kept in a refrigerator in a completely separate area. They will put your placenta into a container, clearly label it, and immediately store it in their refrigerator. I have yet to have any issues with their protocol.

Your capsules will always be 100% your placenta:

I only handle one placenta at a time. There is never a risk of a mixup. All my equipment and workspace will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and the placenta will be dropped off before I begin another encapsulation process.

I also never add anything to your capsules. If you choose the TCM-Inspired method of encapsulation, the herbs (always organic) will only be added to the water during steamed. The herbs will then be discarded. You can be assured that the capsules you receive are 100% your placenta.

If you have any questions:

I am confident in my cleaning and sanitation protocols and am more than happy to share any details with you!

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