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How to Arrange Pickup

Contact me as soon as you can after the baby is born. If 11pm-9am, please send a text or email (no calls please). Anyone can reach out to me: partner, grandma, doula, etc. I will arrange childcare and let you know when I can arrive at your place of birth for pickup. You will receive a text when I leave so you know I’m on my way.

Medical Courier

To ensure your placenta is picked up in a timely manner, it’s likely that I will use my medical courier: Excel Courier. As soon as you let me know your baby has been born, I place a call to Excel Courier. Unless otherwise specified, they will be told to meet a family member in the main lobby. This is to avoid having a stranger come into your postpartum recovery room. I will inform you when the courier is 10 minutes away as to give you time to collect the placenta (if necessary) and give you time to meet the courier in the lobby. The courier will be wearing a company branded blue polo shirt and can provide identification.

**Please note: It is still important that you have the placenta in a disposable cooler with ice.


On the very rare occasion, I may need to use a backup. I only have them in place in case of emergencies or if I am out of town and can’t get back in town in a timely manner. You always have the option of waiting for me to return, but having your placenta encapsulated quickly, so you can benefit from it, is a priority. Please be assured that I am very particular on who I choose to be my backups. There are only two in the DC area who I completely trust: Natalie Erdossy of NOVA Placenta Mama and Jessica Chase of Tree of Life Birth Services. I know their training, experience, and customer service. If I need to use my backup, I will let you know and provide you with all of their contact information.

Local Hospital Policies

Please note: I always strive to keep you up to date with current hospital protocols; however, policies and regulations are subject to change. Always consult with your hospital for updated information if needed. If your hospital is not listed below, it either does not have a specific placenta policy, and/or the placenta may be kept in your room with you until I arrive.

Inova Hospitals: (including Fair Oaks, Fairfax, and Alexandria)
You will be required to sign a release form. Placentas are required to be stored while at the hospital. You may not keep it in your room with you. In my experience, the placentas are always properly labeled and not contaminated with any chemicals. For pickup, the hospital will not release the placenta to me. Your partner will need to accompany me with your signed waiver and a photo ID.

Virginia Hospital Center
The placenta must be removed from the premises within 1-2 hours. Please arrange safe storage until I arrive. During temperate climates, the placenta may be stored in your car in a cooler with ice.

George Washington University Hospital
Placenta must be removed from the hospital by a parent. I will meet your partner in the valet parking area. Please call me to discuss logistics if a partner is unable to help.

St. Mary’s Hospital
The placenta must be removed from the premises within 2 hours. Please arrange safe storage until I arrive. During temperate climates, the placenta may be stored in your car in a cooler with ice.

Client Checklists and Instructions

Hospital birth? Download your instructions!
Birth center birth? Download your instructions!
Home birth? Download your instructions!

Your Guide to Placenta Capsules

When I delivery your capsules, we will discuss dosage and storage instructions.  I will provide an instructional brochure for you to review.  If you have misplaced it, you can download it here! Download instruction booklet!

When Do I Collect Payment?

I collect a $50 deposit to reserve my services and the balance by delivery of your capsules.  Cash or check is preferred (made to: Denessa Hicks).

How to Strain Your Placenta Tincture

I have written a blog post detailing how to strain your placenta tincture (with pictures and everything!). You don’t need to, but if you would like to, check it out!

Terms and Conditions

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